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Hemet Endoscopy Center, established in 1981 by Dr. Milan Chakrabarty, M.D. has remained committed to providing outstanding patient care in the Southwest Riverside County region. Dr. Milan Chakrabarty is well known in Southwest Riverside County for his role as founder of the Department of Gastroenterology at Hemet Valley Medical Center; being named the first Hospice Medical Director in Sun City, California; appointed Board Member, YMCA, Hemet, California; and, being the first gastroenterologist in Hemet, California.

Today, with the homecoming of his son, Dr. Indraneel Chakrabarty, the center has evolved into GI Excellence, Inc., Southwest Riverside County's most advanced gastroenterology medical center. Dr. Indraneel Chakrabarty provides Advanced and interventional endoscopy procedure expertise. He is highly specialized in procedures to prevent, detect, diagnose, and treat complex conditions such as Barrett's esophagus, liver and biliary disease, pancreatic cysts, gastrointestinal bleeding, and gastrointestinal cancers. His expertise is highly sought after from all regional hospitals. With these additions, GI Excellence, Inc. has continued to grow with new physicians and services.


Milan S. Chakrabarty

Milan S. Chakrabarty

Board Certified Gastroenterology
Board Certified Internal Medicine
Gastroenterology, Internal

Indraneel Chakrabarty

Indraneel Chakrabarty

M.D., M.A.
Chief Excecutive Officer
Board Certified Gastroenterology
Board Certified Internal Medicine
Advanced Interventional Endoscopist

Sandra Del Valle

Sandra Del Valle

Stanford University
School of Medicine
(Se habla español)

Indraneel Chakrabarty

Kathleen Linke

Kent State University Baldwin Wallace University


Here's how our patients view us:
• Waiting room clean (5.00 stars)
• Check In was quick and easy (5.00 stars)
• Staff was professional and courteous (5.00 stars)
• The doctor saw me in a timely manner (4.50 stars)
• All my concerns were addressed at the visit (5.00 stars)
• I get results of tests/xrays
   in a timely fashion (5.00 stars)
• I feel the doctor (provider) cares about me (5.00 stars)
• I would recommend to family and friends (5.00 stars)
• Overall satisfaction with the healthcare
  team (5.00 stars)


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Striving for excellence, we give our patients an experience
of receiving impeccable healthcare.

Our team of administrators, nurses, medical
assistants, and operational coordinators are fully
committed to our promise of emphasing endoscopy
excellence. Engaging and actively assisting
patients, we work continually to improve patient
health outcomes.

We believe being helpful, courteous, and respectful
to our patients, referring phsicians, and hospital
facilitators contributes to the overall quality in the
patient experience.

We provide patients complete comfort
with no pain in all procedures.

Scott Bertrand
Nurse Anesthetist

For complete comfort with no pain, all procedures
are performed with anesthesia (Propofol) provided
by well experienced certified nurse anesthetist
(CRNA). Propofol provides shorter recovery times,
quicker discharge from the endoscopy center and
decreased nausea and vomiting.

Deana Gascoigne
Director of Operations
Yvette Montes
Clinical Administrative
Kendall Defina
Lead Medical Assistant
Chach Casarez
Medical Assistant
Chach Casarez
Medical Assistant
Diana Leal
Patient Coordinator
Tina Jones
Referral Coordinator
Vicky Hernanadez
Surgery Center Coordinator

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A. GI Excellence, Inc.'s BRAND POSITION

GI Excellence, Inc. positions itself in the minds of its market as the most skilled and technologically advanced gastroenterology medical practice in Southwest Riverside County capable of providing its patients with the clarity and trust they deserve.

B. GI Excellence, Inc.'s BRAND PERSONALITY

Our brand personality reflects on our passion of being out in front with patient matters. We don't assume. We demand excellence in all that we do. Patients envision of us as dependable and confident. Our brand personality personifies us as a brand of impeccable trust. Our strategy will involve utilizing associated images that remind our prospects and patients of this trust.

  • We have initiative to effect meaningful change.
  • We are courageous, embracing the risk of our ambitions.
  • We are visionary, scaling our commitments to a world that needs better gastroenterology care and bold action.

C. GI Excellence, Inc.'s BRAND VALUES

GI Excellence holds dear the following core values:

  • We remain dedicated to embracing the highest levels of patient healthcare.
  • We transcend boundaries by enlisting advanced technology to enhance patient care.
  • We are optimistic, seeing the world for what it is and what it can be.
  • We have initiative to effect meaningful change.
  • We are courageous, embracing the risk of our ambitions.
  • We are visionary, scaling our commitments to a world that needs better gastroenterology care and bold action.

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1003 E. Florida Avenue
Suite 101
Hemet, CA 92543
phone: (951) 652-2252

TEMECULA (By Appointment Only)
44274 George Cushman Ct.
Suite 208
Temecula, CA 92592
phone: (951) 383-6001


Photos above and below are of the Hemet Clinic and Hemet Endoscopy Center.

We believe patient comfort directly impacts the treatment experience, so we make every effort to ensure that you feel calm and secure. Our patient receiving center, treatment rooms, recovery and follow up facilities represent the hallmark in medical treatment experiences. We consider your experience within our facilities and with our staff as very important. Emphasizing endoscopy excellence, we give our patients the reminder of clarity they deserve.

GI Excellence, Inc. procedure rooms feature cutting-edge medical technology. Each room complete with the latest in endoscopic instrumentation, including optimal patient care from our high definition iScan scope technology.

GI Excellence, Inc. offers patients a warm, inviting reception.

Patient examination rooms are completed with state-of-art examination intrumentation.

Our modern procedure rooms provide patient and doctor leading edge technology for all gastroenterology procedures.

We strive to make your experience one of complete satisfaction.

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At GI Excellence, Inc., we strive to be positioned as the leading gastroentorology healthcare center in Southern California. GI Excellence utilizes the most advanced and comprehensive tools possible, empowering us to see more than ever before with unparalleled clarity, precision and resolution. This has positioned our practice to be a leader in gastroenterology health care. We offer employees excellent career opportunities and competitive salaries. In order to be considered for a position at GI Excellence, Inc., a candidate must apply online for a specific open opportunity and complete an online employment application. Candidate résumés and applications must be less than one year old in order to be considered. Candidates may also be asked to answer job related questions online during the application process. All information must be complete in order to be considered for employment. Positions are offered to individuals once it is determined that they are the best qualified for the role.




No Current openings

Please check back again
for future opportunities.


No Current openings

Please check back again
for future opportunities.



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Temecula Valley Hospital

Rancho Springs Medical Center

Inland Valley Medical Center

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American College of Gastroenterology (ACG)
P.O. Box 342260
Bethesda, MD 20827–2260
Phone: 301–263–9000
Fax: 301–263–9025
Email: info@acg.gi.org

American Gastroenterological Assocation (AGA)
1520 Kensington Road, Suite 202
Oak Brook, IL 60523
Phone: 1–866–353–ASGE (2743)
Fax: 630–573–0691
Email: info@asge.org

American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ASGE)
1520 Kensington Road
Suite 202
Oak Brook, IL 60523
Phone: 630.573.0600
Toll free: 866.353.ASGE (2743)
Fax: 630.573.0691


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